• A screen system including Line Array Technology, which combines professional compression drivers with true iso phasic horns to achieve an extreme -3dB
  • Coverage throughout the whole audience area.
  • 2 x 15″ bass section plus a middle-treble section with Line
  • Array Technology and 2 x 8″ medium drivers plus 2 x 1″
  • Compression drivers + 2 x isophasic horns.
Tech Specs
Technical Specification
BASS 2 x 15″ Bass unit
Mid Frequency (MF) 1 Line Array System with 2×8″ RG200MF
High Frequency (HF) 2×1″ Drivers HF with passive filter inside
HORN 2 x Iso phasic ABS horns, 120º x 8º each with pan/tilt adjustment
POWER (Bass unit) 800W AES.
SENSITIVITY LF Unit: 100dB 1W/1m

MF + HF unit: Sens. 97,5dB 1W/1m

FREQUENCY RESPONSE FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 32Hz to 20000 Hz. Use a 350Hz crossover for Bi-Amp
ENCLOSURE Birch ply construction
FINISH Textured Black Paint

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